Innovation Imperative: How companies are reworking frameworks to innovate

Tuesday 10th Oct 2023 @ 10:00 - 11:00

Zoom | UK

Learn How to Identify and Fix the Flaws in Your Innovation Framework

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What happened at the event

During this session, our attendees had the valuable opportunity to learn from innovation experts representing BT and Agility in Mind. The discussion revolved around actionable strategies for innovators within organisations, focusing on the establishment of an innovation framework.

Topics covered included

  • Delving into the advantages of implementing a stringent framework equipped with precise rules and operational procedures. Such a framework ensures that the entire innovation program remains on course and accountable, amplifying its efficiency and impact.
  • How companies, even without substantial capital, can initiate impactful innovation programs. This is achievable through their willingness to provide essential resources and support to dedicated innovation teams, emphasising the importance of collaboration and resourcefulness.
  • Highlighting the power of embracing failure as an inherent part of the innovation process. Participants learned how failed ideas can be invaluable learning opportunities, informing strategic decisions and objectives for the innovation team.
  • Addressing the vital need for endorsement from senior leadership and outlining effective strategies to secure it. The session highlighted the significance of involving leaders actively in the innovation journey, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to a cause greater than the team itself. This active involvement fosters a sense of purpose and commitment.

Event Speakers

Daniel Kay

Head of Innovation, Data & AI Solutions


Helen Garcia

Agile Coach

Agility in Mind

What is a DLF event

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