Workshop: Future of Work: Drive Collaboration and Productivity

Tuesday 12th Sep 2023 @ 10:00 - 11:00

Zoom | UK

Discover strategies for managing and optimising remote and distributed teams

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What happened at the event

In our workshop, the audience were divided into two breakout groups and asked their thoughts on two prompts: Should employees be returning to the office? And what initiatives have you seen/used that has improved employee wellbeing & productivity? Are there any that have reduced it?

We were joined by guest speaker Catherine Ritchie from Clifford Chance to discuss how to measure the success of remote working initiatives. Catherine shared her expertise on the future of work, whether employees returning to the office is the best option for businesses, and how leaders can ensure their distributed teams can work to the best of their ability.

Topics covered included

  • Behaviour and best practice for the business: The ability to determine what works best for their employees and the importance of talking to employees around their engagement.
  • Modelling: Leading by example and leaders managing their own wellbeing to set a precedence for what is expected and prevent productivity burnout
  • Not everything can be managed from the very top, so managers and senior staff being aware of employees and their requirements will boost collaboration and productivity amongst teams

Event Speakers

Catherine Ritchie

Wellbeing and People Experience Manager

Clifford Chance

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