AI Earth: Using AI to tackle climate change

Wednesday 6th Dec 2023 @ 10:00 - 11:00

Zoom | UK

Could AI enable a sustainable future?

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What happened at the event

In this session, members learned the many ways in which AI is being utilised to support climate and sustainability initiatives in the world.  

Topics covered included

  • How AI tools can be used to analyse big sets of data and images to make predictions for everything from ice cap melting patterns to deciphering new migration routes for animals 
  • The importance of introducing these technologies to those directly affected by them and upskilling farmers, conservationists and policy architects.  
  • The environmental impact of AI and the key step of evaluating the cost of building the infrastructure and computers needed to run the programs  
  • Every company has a duty to minimise environmental impact and can do so, even if only through small steps, like streamlining data or optimising computing power

Event Speakers

Paul Fergus

Professor in Machine Learning, Liverpool John Moores University

Co-Founder, Conservation AI

Carl Chalmers

Reader in Machine Learning and Applied Artificial Intelligence, Liverpool John Moores University

Co-Founder Conservation AI

Jack Hampson


Deeper Insights

Dr. Natalia Efremova

Senior Research Fellow for Machine Learning and AI

Alan Turing Institute

Micheline Ayoub

Executive Director

Sustainability in the Digital Age and the Future Earth Canada

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