The AI Ethics and Governance Leadership Academy

Shaping the Future of AI: Introducing the AI Ethics and Governance Leadership Academy


The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming our world at an unprecedented pace. From self-driving cars to facial recognition software, AI is rapidly seeping into every facet of our lives. While this progress holds immense potential for good, it also raises critical questions about ethics, data privacy, and algorithmic fairness.

That’s where the AI Ethics and Governance Academy comes in. We are dedicated to equipping leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex landscape of responsible AI development.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to empower individuals and organisations to harness the power of AI for good. We believe that AI should be developed and deployed in a way that is ethical, transparent, and accountable.

We aim to achieve this by:

Providing comprehensive education: Offering a range of workshops that cover the full spectrum of AI ethics and governance, from the theoretical foundations to practical implementation strategies.

Partnering with industry experts: We will collaborate with leading academics, policymakers, and technologists to ensure that our curriculum is cutting-edge and relevant to the real world.

Offering real-world case studies: We believe that learning by doing is essential. That’s why we aim to integrate real-world case studies and hands-on exercises into our programmes, allowing participants to apply their knowledge to practical scenarios.

Equipping leaders for immediate implementation: We don’t just teach theory; we help participants develop the skills and strategies they need to implement ethical AI practices within their organizations.

“I enjoyed the simplicity of how complex concepts were presented, even to a non-technical audience”


Bharathish Rao

System Owner


DLF bring together opposing examples from different companies about a topic, which helps you to see the differences in interpreting it.


Emma Ledger

Product Owner


The Digital Leadership Forum provide a great way to engage in industry best practice.


Madush Gupta

Product Owner

Lloyds Banking Group

The Digital Leadership Forum bring together a diverse group of Digital Leaders to share their experiences and best practices. 


Sharon Taylor

Digital Client Partner Lead


The Digital Leadership Forum is thought provoking and collaborative. The speakers were very good, they complemented each other very well and brought out some really valuable points.


Mark Jones

Associate Director


I particularly enjoyed hearing about design thinking case studies – it really brought the discussions and presentations to life.


Sophie Harper

Senior UX Designer


I find DLF sessions to be a fun and engaging way to learn about new issues.


Paul Johnson


Baker McKenzie

“The Digital Leadership Forum is a friendly, well-informed community for anyone in the digital industry”


Philip Le Count

User Experience Designer

Highways England

I find the online sessions very informative and full of knowledgeable and passionate people. I always take new learnings and ideas away from the forum.


Lara Cook

Senior PMO Analyst

First Rate Exchange Services

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Sandy Kumar

Partner, Head of Financial Services Group

Grant Thornton

As organisations continue their digital transformation journey in a complex, competitive and ever evolving landscape, the ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the many facets of enabling effective digitalisation is critical for long term success.

Niresh Rajah

Managing Director, Head of Data, RegTech & Digital Assurance Practice, Financial Services Group

Grant Thornton

“The Digital Leadership Forum brings together a group of individuals from a diverse set of industries and jurisdictions that have a common interest in working out how things can be done differently using digital solutions.”

Andrew Beasley


Clifford Chance

“A great place to hangout with peers and learn new viewpoints. I like the interactive features of the event – polling and panel discussions.”

Anil Tirunagari

Youtube Business Head Vietnam


“A great place to meet like minded people and share knowledge in breakout discussions.”

Derwin Wu

Senior Manager, Digital Transformation

Hyphens Pharma International

“The Digital Leadership Forum is inspiring.”

Daniela Bogoricin

Twitter Next APAC Director


We really value our relationship with the Digital Leadership Forum. With regular opportunities to listen, speak or interact at events, it helps us to provide the best experience for our customers.’’ 

‘’There’s always a DLF team member on hand to understand a problem we might be facing and use their network of connections to help us re-think how to approach it.” 

Charlotte Rae

Head of Customer Experience