Video: The Creation of Paysme, Obstacles & How to Overcome Them

October 26, 2021

In October 2021, we held an online session on How Leading Organisations can Successfully Embed FinTech Applications and Solutions.

DLF is collaborating with Rise, created by Barclays to bring together a collaborative innovation network of pioneering FinTech start-ups and large enterprise organisations to accelerate collaboration, navigate complex regulatory environments, and unleash disruptive innovation.

What does it take to successfully embed FinTech applications and solutions?

Representatives from leading organisations Grant Thornton, BDO, Paysme, GSK, Dell Technologies joined this session to explore these ideas plus many more. Attendees heard from Grant Thornton and Paysme to gain tips and insights on ‘How Leading Organisations can Successfully Embed FinTech Applications and Solutions’ in collaboration with Rise, created by Barclays.

Hear from Derek Stewart, Founder, Paysme discuss the creation of Paysme along with the challenges he faced and how to overcome them:

Watch presentation below:

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